Monday, February 6, 2012


Catered Cuisines for Renaissance Plaza is scheduled for 2-8-11, sorry for the confusion in the misprint.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

In House and Community Activities

In House
       2-6-12 10:00a  Donuts and Coffee
       2-7-12   2:00p Cake Social
     2-14-12   2:00p Valentines Celebration
     2-17-12   2:00p Monthly Birthday Celebration
     2-20-12   2:00p Homemade Cookie Social
     2-22-12   2:00p Pretzels and Drinks
     2-23-12   2:00p Central Mall Outing
     2-27-12   3:00p Happy Hour
     2-28-12   2:00p Stateline Outing

Out of Facility Community Events
      2-7-12  11:30a Catered Cuisines Renaissance Plaza
    2-15-12  11:30a Catered Cuisines Winfield Estates
    2-23-12    7:45a Eggs and Issues with John Ross